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TapeMaster Xi LTO | LTFS Data Tape Duplicator and Migrator
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Backing up your Back Up, LTO and LTFS Duplicator, Data Migration

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This TapeMaster Xi model duplicates from 10 LTO sources to 10 LTO target tapes simultaneously at full speed. Compatible with all LTO tape formats. The perfect solution when you have larger quantities of unique LTO tapes to be duplicated or migrated "yesterday"!

NAB 2018
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TapeMaster Xi - duplicates from ten LTO | LTFS masters to ten LTO targets tapes simultaneously!

The need to have multiple backup copies of your data becomes increasingly important since research has shown that more than 80% of the businesses suffering from catastrophic data loss have gone out of business within 12 months. Experts in the data storage industry agree you should back up your data on a regular basis and keep at least one backup copy offsite at all times.

To make future planning complete, backup practices should be extended to include the duplication of media and refreshing of media where shelf life is nearing expiration. Essentially meaning a backup of the backup. However, user demand for 24/7/365 uptime and system administrator demand for a 5-7 day work week means that backing up twice per night is impractical at best and in most cases, simply not possible. Finally, a better solution has arrived: the TapeMaster standalone data tape duplication system.

The shortest most reliable path to redundant backups
The TapeMaster duplication system by StorageHeaven is designed to produce up to four copies of 4mm, 8mm, AIT, DLT, SDLT LTO and other tape formats from a single master source tape. Each copy is an exact duplicate of the master tape. The standalone system provides "one button" intuitive menuing with an easy to read multi-line LCD control panel.

Plug and Play Operation
The TapeMaster rapidly and reliably duplicates tapes. As a "plug-n-play" solution, simply plug in and select "copy" from the built in LCD display. The TapeMaster copies tapes on a block-by-block basis, meaning it can duplicate any tape (i.e. PC, LINUX/UNIX™, Apple®, IBM® and Compaq/Digital® minis and mainframes, and more) with 100% accuracy every time. It doesn't matter what kind of data is on the original master, the duplicator's job is to make sure all the data is transferred accurately from the master to each duplicate copy.

Flexibility and Compatibility
The duplication system can make a single copy or many copies from a master or multiple masters simultaneously. The TapeMaster has features that make the duplication process simple and bullet-proof: the system verifies that each copy is really an exact duplicate of the original master.Multiple media and format types: the TapeMaster system handles most physical formats and logical formats in use today. As new media arrive, the duplication system can be easily expanded to accommodate them by upgrading the system firmware.

Clone your Tapes at High Speed
Tape drives rarely operate for any length of time at their maximum speeds. Backup software, system availability, system bus resources, file type, and block sizes are just some of the factors that slow the speed of tape drives during normal system backup. The TapeMaster systems are not tape backup devices. They are dedicated standalone systems designed to maximize the copy speed for any given tape drive and format. These systems often copy a tape in half the time it took to make the original backup.

Unmatched Data Verification
Today's tape drives offer very effective error detection and correction. The TapeMaster standalone data tape duplication systems offer two additional levels of error detection. A verify-on feature automatically performs a 100% byte-by-byte comparison at the end of each copy process. In addition, the TapeMaster systems offer a pre-verify feature, where the TapeMaster will ask the user to verify the master tape before duplication. This procedure reveals potential problems in the original master tape that may affect the duplication process.

Centralized Duplicator
Many IT departments have multiple systems backing up to multiple tape drives. The TapeMaster can be utilized as a centralized copier to make duplicates for all the departments. Storage Heaven's engineers can create custom configurations with autoloaders/libraries to seamlessly automate the copy process.

Applications and Benefits - Duplication, Conversion and Migration of Data:
  • Allows you to copy your backups for off site storage, archiving or sending copies to others.
  • Gives you the ability to move existing tape data from one tape format to another.
  • Migrate your existing data from older tapes to new tapes.
  • Transfer your existing data from tapes of small capacity to tapes of larger capacities.
  • Create a duplicate copy of any tape with any tape format to an alternate tape type.
  • Make a copy of a tape to take off site; allows the user not to have to run a complete backup two times in a row.

With today’s vastly different tape formats and the accessibility of various drives in the market, you can easily migrate from any tape format to any other tape format with the use of the TapeMaster system.

  • Simple to use LCD user interface
  • Plug and Play design
  • No computer required, preserves your system resources
  • Powerful hardware combined with elegant firmware. No GPOS software to crash means 100% reliability
  • Duplicate in native or compressed mode
  • User selectable verify after copy
  • Platform/File System independent
  • Automatic block size and density detection
  • Tape conversion: gives the ability to move existing tape data from one format to another
  • Duplicate tapes for:
    • Offsite storage
    • Archiving
    • Tape Distribution

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