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TapeMaster Data Migrator
TapeMaster Data Tape Migrator
TapeMaster Data Tape Migrator

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The Storage Heaven TapeMaster Data Migrator (TDM) is the perfect solution for those who have high volume of data on older legacy magnetic tape storage formats (i.e. Linear or Helical Half inch, 8mm, Quarter inch, 4mm) and need to make this data more accessible (via Virtual Tape Volumes on HDD based storage) to their current cloud and/or network storage architecture. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of old tapes, our solution will scale to your needs.

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TapeMaster Data Migrator - Tape to Disk (Virtual Tape)

The Storage Heaven TapeMaster Data Migration (TDM) System was designed specifically for the data storage professionals who have a need to move data from older tape formats to virtual tape volumes stored on hard disk or flash based technologies which can then be accessed via local network or the Cloud. These systems are currently being used by government and corporate clients around the world to migrate large quantities of primarily obsolete tapes that still contain valuable data.

Featuring innovative design, high performance and technologically advanced features these solutions meet today’s challenges in conversion and migration of data. The TapeMaster Data Migrator copies data from conventional tape devices to virtual tape images residing on hard disk drives or raid arrays. Data are stored in virtual tape images which users can access with any major tape drive or tape library backup software to efficiently manage data at speed of today's modern disk storage technology.

The TapeMaster Data Tape Migrator extracts data from up to four write protected tapes simultaneously and can store up to 1,000 tape images on a single disk drive and up to 10,000 tape images when using high capacity RAID Array storage subsystems.

The TapeMaster Data Tape Migration device supports all major tape drives, tape autoloaders and tape libraries offering automated data capturing and processing.

This system also supports barcode labels. Barcodes are read and assigned to tape images for tape devices equipped with barcode label readers. It implements automatic user defined barcodes in the absence of barcode readers.

Special Features

  • Tape Images - Migrate your legacy tapes with 100% accuracy to virtual tape volumes which can be accessed in an instant.

  • Extremely Fast Imaging - Extremely fast Imaging from up to 4 data tapes drives simultaneously

  • Write Protected Source - Copies only from write protected read only data tapes

  • Variety of Host Support - The TapeMaster Data Migrator can be attached to LVD SCSI/iSCSI/Fibre Channel on a variety of host computer platforms and operating systems as well as specialized equipment

  • User Friendly GUI - The Operator Console consists of a user friendly four-switch keypad and a four line by twenty character LCD used to display status and menu information

  • TDM Operating Status - The TapeMaster Data Migrator Operating Status screen identifies the virtual volumes currently loaded for import operations

  • View Virtual Volumes Menu - The TapeMaster Data Migrator unit View Virtual Volumes Menu allows the operator to navigate through the virtual volumes to be queried and provides status of the virtual volume selected. Information displayed includes amount of data recorded, barcode, and write protect status

  • Configuration Menu - The Configuration Menu allows the operator to change the configuration of the TDM device. Use this menu to set the TDM SCSI ID or configure the disk storage as a Virtual Tape Library including Virtual Volume size, VTL Emulation and number of Virtual Tape Drives

  • Set Virtual Volumes - Set virtual volumes configures the disk storage based on user selectable volume size. The virtual volume size should be equal to or greater than the maximum capacity of the conventional tape cartridges used for import operations. The number of virtual volumes is calculated based on the total disk storage capacity and virtual volume size selected.

  • Set Number of Virtual Tape Drives - The number of virtual tape drives should be set to match the number of conventional tape drives. If only a single tape drive is used for importing data, only one virtual tape drive needs to be configured. Utilizing two, three, or four tape drives, requires configuring two, three or four virtual tape drives.

  • Set VTL Emulation - The VTL emulation specifies how TDM is presented to the host system. TDM will be shown as a Virtual Tape Library to the host system by selecting Sony Lib-81 tape library or Qualstar tape library. Selecting the Autoloader option presents TDM as an autoloader to the host system. Selecting the stacker mode presents TDM as multiple virtual tape drives, stacker emulation allows host system software without the robotics supports accessing and processing the volumes.

  • Form Factor - TDM device is available in rack-mount or tabletop black

  • Legacy Formats Supported - All SCSI Tape formats including but not limited to Reel to Reel 9 track, 3480/3490/3590, 8MM, 4MM, AIT, DLT/SDLT, LTO, and more.

  • SAS/FC Module Option - The SAS/FC Module Option expands the capability of the TDM system by providing imaging from a SAS or FC tape device

  • Encryption - Secure sensitive evidence data with whole drive AES 256 bit encryption. The TDM features data security using hardware encryption keys for each of the disk drives used to capture tape images meeting National Institute of Standards FIPS 140-2 Security Standard requirements. This level of protection makes it essentially impossible to read the hard drive without the encryption key.

  • One year Standard Warranty - The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Extended maintenance warranty can be purchased.