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FX2255 4-port SATA/SAS Duplicator, Eraser, Tester, Forensic
FX2255 4-port SATA/SAS Duplicator, Eraser, Tester, Forensic
SAS, SATA Duplicator, Eraser, Tester, Forensic (SCSI, Fibre Channel, USB3.0, ATA kit options available)
Four Port All-In-One Multi-Interface Cloning Appliance
  • 1:1, 1:2, 2:2, 1:3 copy up to 37GB/minute
  • SCSI, Fibre Channel, USB3.0, ATA Optional
  • Dual master mode enabling 2 cloning sessions concurrently
  • Ultra high-speed duplicator supporting multi-interfaces
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FX2255 4-port SATA/SAS Duplicator, Eraser, Tester, Forensic

The FX2255 Hard drive duplicator preforms the following functions:

  • High speed data transfer (Approx. 37GB/minute)
  • Hash value creation, DD image creation and E01 creation functions
  • Function to save execution logs to USB memory
  • RAID master two-device simultaneous copy function
  • SATA, ATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, USB Multi-interfaces supported
  • Dedicated master USB 3.0 port


  • Supports SATA 6Gbps. ATA storage is supported by using optional products sold separately.
    • Supports ATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, USB storage by using optional products sold separately,
    • Can connect to various interfaces with single unit.
  • Ultra high-speed data transfer at 37GB per minute.
    • (Varies according to the performance of connected devices.)
  • Execution logs can be immediately saved to USB memory connected to the main unit.
    • Deletion reports can be created based on saved logs.
    • (Host program sold separately is required to create deletion reports.)
  • Rugged built-in evidence preservation functions including hash value generation (MD5, SHA1, and SHA256), DD image creation and E01 creation.
  • Deletion function conforms to various standards
    • Supports NSA (National Security Agency) recommended, DoD (Department of Defense) conforming, U.S. military and NCSC systems.
    • Enables deletion operation report creation by using terminal software (sold separately).
  • Enables high-speed copy from master storage connected via USB. (USB 3.0)
  • Enables simultaneous copying of 2 RAID master HDDs.
  • Supported Interfaces: SATAIII, ATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, USB3.0
  • Number of HDDs to be connected: 1:1, 1:2, 2:2 for copy, 3 for deletion and diagnostics

A Wide Range of Interface Support Native interfaces SATA 6G, SAS 6G and USB3.0 provide a solid foundation for this versatile 4 port Cloning and Erasure Appliance. In addition, the FX2255 allows for connections to SCSI (68, 50 and 80-pin SCA), Fibre Channel, IDE/ATA and mSATA (Full and Half Size).

Dual Master Drive Configuration Copy The FX2255 is an extremely versatile duplicator. It features basic 1 to 1 copy but also performs 1 to 2, 1 to 3, and 2 concurrent copy sessions of 1 to 1 duplicating two SATA and SAS master drives to 2 target drives - cutting down the duplication time almost in half.

Cross-Interface Copy It helps to clone legacy HDDs to the latest drive technology, phasing-out drives to new technology among various interface types. For example, backing up data from SCSI to SATA, or Fibre Channel to SATA.

Safeguarding Data Against Unintended Overwrite It is a tragic experience when critical data is overwritten unintentionally by mistake! When the master drive is connected in a target drive position or the target drive still contains data, FX2255 proactively checks before proceeding to overwrite and warns the user that the data exists.

More Than A Duplicator Multi interface duplication is not the only advantage FX2255 offers. As an all-round machine, it erases, resizes, diagnoses, and images forensically on a professional level as well, getting all critical jobs done just in one unit.

Mapping Copy makes copy even quicker Copying the same master over and over? MAP COPY feature utilizes the saved master drive data information for making multiple copies most efficiently.

Data Recovery Copy Modes ERROR SKIP COPY and REVERSE COPY are must-have tools to retrieve as much data as possible from a drive with issues. Error Skip Copy skips a weak sector and continues duplication on. Reverse Copy allows for better chances to salvage data from a hard-to-read drive by copying backward from the ending sector. ADVANCED REVERSE SKIP COPY is even more powerful for this task.

Use Device As External Drive Drive connected to FX2255 can be mounted as an external master or target drive for PC via Ethernet connection. The master drive is write-protected for access without risking data integrity.

Increase Power With Software Optional software adds advantages furthermore in using FX2255. It executes a script remotely and creates log files, work reports and CSV database and saves them on your Windows PC. This feature is optional.

FX2255 Cloning Appliance Interface Capabilities

  • Includes SATA Ports - 4 (Clones/Cross Copy 1:3, 2:2)
  • Includes SAS Ports - 4 (Clones/Cross Copy 1:3)
  • Includes USB 3.0 Master Port - 1 (Cross Copy 1:3)
  • Optional USB 3.0 Target Ports - 2 (Clone 1:2 USB 3.0)
  • Optional 68, 80, 50-pin SCSI Ports - 4 (Clones/Cross Copy 1:3)
  • Optional Fibre Channel Ports - 2 (Clone/Cross Copy 1:1)
  • Optional 2.5”/3.5” IDE/ATA Ports - 4 Clones/Cross Copy 2:2, 1:3)
  • Optional mSATA 2.5” Ports - 4 Clones/Cross Copy 2:2, 1:3)
  • Optional Win PC App for Remote Management, Reports, Scripts
  • Number of ports that can be erased concurrently - up to 4
  • Number of ports that can be diagnosed concurrently - up to 4

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