Purchasing Options

Convenient Purchasing Options

Storage Heaven is constantly striving to make our customers shopping experience as flexible and as enjoyable as possible. That's why we offer numerous purchasing options so that you can choose the one that works best for you. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover courtesy of PayPal, and Moneris. We also accept personal and company checks, cashier's checks, wire transfers (ACH/EFT), and money orders. Most personal and company checks may be held up to 10 business days for processing. Currency accepted on this store is United States Dollars only. Any other currencies shown are for your information only as payment will always be processed in USD. Business Leasing

Storage Heaven offers flexible leasing arrangements to site your exacting needs Apply for lease financing by fill out the attached PDF form or by filling out the online form here.

Here are several key benefits to leasing as compared to an outright purchase:

  • You pay only for the use of the equipment. Lease financing allows you to have predictable cash flow costs and reduces the costs associated with equipment disposal.
  • Depending on the lease structure, your lease payments may be fully tax deductible as an operating expense
  • No payments for 30 days, and your expenses are predictable
  • The monthly payment option also means that you have more buying power because you are conserving your working capital and existing lines of credit
  • Leasing offers you the advantages of the latest technology without the risks of ownership including obsolescence and disposal of electronic equipment. It allows you to upgrade to more technologically advanced equipment at the end of the lease
  • You can select our easy and flexible end-of-lease options tailored to suit your needs

Open Account

Most accounts can be credit scored within 48 hours via our direct link with Dun & Bradstreet. Orders from D&B rated firms, government agencies & public institutions, meeting our credit standards, will be shipped on open account. A $500.00 minimum order is required to open account billing. Terms are NET 20 days from date of invoice. We will charge 2% Late Charge per month (24% annually) on all past due balances. Open account is also available to other businesses & private institutions pending our credit approval. Credit references from a bank & (6) trade sources including account numbers, addresses & phone numbers are required for credit clearance (please allow 30 days). Request Credit Application by clicking here.

  1. All Employees/Representatives are fully accountable for all purchases made on your account. Any unauthorized purchases are entirely your responsibility.
  2. Hardcopy Purchase Orders are still encouraged to be forwarded via mail/fax. All orders are to be marked "Confirmation Of Order" to avoid internal duplication of order.
  3. Partial/Ship Complete option - Please be sure that your Accounts Payable dept will pay for any partial shipments and is responsible for any order you've authorized the release of.

Payment For International Orders

All accounts outside of the U.S.A. & Canada can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer, Letter of Credit, or Cashiers Check, in advance of shipment.

All international credit cards are subject to advanced verification (billing name / address & ship to address, if different from billing) to complete the sale. This may delay the shipment of your order, as some banks in certain countries have strict laws prohibiting personal information requests. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders that cannot be validated. A customer service representative will contact you with further information.

International orders are subject to local import fees, duty, customs VAT charges, additional taxes in the country of destination.

Storage Heaven is not responsible for, nor can give specific information on import fees, duty, procedures or taxes you must pay when your merchandise arrives.

We advise you contact your local government import office for information regarding imported merchandise and all steps necessary to receive goods purchased from our warehouse in the United States Of America or Canada. Storage Heaven will provide all necessary export paperwork to ship your merchandise in a timely fashion. All international orders may require extra time for processing and we cannot guarantee time specific deliveries. Some international banks do not allow verification of your credit card or financial information. Storage Heaven will make every attempt to do so, but may have to decline a sale if this necessary information is not available to us.

Government / Educational Contracts

Storage Heaven accepts contracts from all levels government. Since 1992, Storage Heaven has served government and education institutions with the best combination of service, products, pricing, and adherence to procurement regulations. Storage Heaven, a MultiMedia Effects, Inc. company is DoD compliant ( SAM.GOV Registered) and accepts GSA SmartPay Cards. Department of Defense Central Contractor Registration Cage Code is 81JD5. Our competitive prices and excellent service make Storage Heaven a perfect choice for all areas of government.