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NAB 2018

World's fastest standalone LTO | LTFS Tape Duplication System -
No computer or software required!
TapeMaster LTO Tape Migrators, Duplicators - manual or fully automated.

The LTO TapeMaster duplication system by StorageHeaven is designed to produce one to one, one to many or many to many copies of LTO Ultrium Data Tapes.Each copy is an exact duplicate. These stand-alone systems provide "one button" intuitive menu with a modern easy to read multi-line LCD control panel. Dedicated stand-alone systems specifically designed for high-speed tape duplication.

TapeMaster Standalone LTO Tape Cloning Features
  • User-friendly Interface with 'easy-to-read' LCD display and 4 button control panel
  • Plug and Play design, No computer required, preserves your system resources
  • Powerful cloning engine designed and engineered from the ground up for high-speed tape duplication
  • Super fast and efficient -- does not require slower General Purpose Operating Systems (such as Windows, Linux, Unix) or use off-the-shelf software application with limited capabilities
  • Duplicate in native or compressed mode
  • Duplicate one to one, one to many or many to many copies (model dependent)
  • User selectable copy, verify after copy function
  • Embedded diagnostics for trouble free operation
  • Manual or Fully automated standalone systems for lights-out operation
  • Includes full support for barcodes
  • Platform/File System independent
  • Custom configurations available
  • Automatic block size and density detection
  • Works with encrypted or non-encrypted tapes
  • High speed LTFS duplication support included
  • Tape Migration: gives the ability to move existing tape data from one format to another
  • Clone tapes for:
    • Offsite storage for disaster recovery
    • Archiving
    • Software Distribution
    • Data Distribution
    • Film/Video Distribution