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TapeMaster Tape-to-VTL | Cloud Cloning and Migration Solutions

Virtualize your inventory of data tapes, turbocharging your backup and restore performance. In addition to getting instant access to your data, you will also have the ability to automatically replicate your data tapes to object storage like HGST ActiveScale, Cloudian, Fujitsu Eternus, or cloud storage from AWS, Azure, Backblaze or Wasabi.

Direct Cloning | Migration
  • The TapeMaster Migration appliances automatically clone your master data tapes directly from a physical source Library to a target disk-based virtual LTO tape library at high speeds. Since this process is "direct", there is no need to go through the expense and tedious process of restoration before cloning.

The VTL Advantage
  • Simplicity - Once cloning and migration have been completed, the disk-based VTL integrates seamlessly and requires zero changes to the established backup and archival process. Support for data migration solutions like Amazon Snowball, Azure Data Box, Backblaze Fireball, and others makes the process streamlined.
  • Reliability - VTL automates and secures offsite backup and archival by eliminating the human process and the need to ship physical tapes offsite. Data storage reliability is also higher with the ability to select geo-redundant storage (GRS) with individual FTT levels.
  • Return On Investment - VTL gives you access to your data in an instant. It's also less expensive to operate and maintain than physical tapes. With added cloud and object storage support you get a storage system that scales to your needs and becomes more and more cost-efficient over time.
  • Ransomware Protection - Ransomware can't encrypt tape libraries, hence, the virtual tape is a safer repository compared to NAS or SAN. Additional copies in Amazon S3 and Glacier deliver complete data security even if the entire on-premises infrastructure is compromised
  • Object Storage Support - dramatically simplifies storage management for organizations by interconnecting isolated storage silos. It allows using any industry-standard object storage arrays to expand the local storage pools. This way the VTL unifies storage management and automates your organization’s data flow between primary backup storage, on-premises object storage, and public cloud storage.
  • Cloud Storage Support - the VTL transparently extends existing on-premises backup storage pools to Azure, AWS or other public cloud storage services. This serves two purposes. First, organizations can transparently scale up storage capacity without purchasing any extra hardware. Second, public cloud storage offers the most appealing $/GB rate for long-term data archival.
  • Scale-Up & Scale-Out - the VTL allows both scale-up and scale-out architectures. Capacity is transparently increased by local object storage and public cloud storage. Adding more VTL instances scales the performance and shrinks the backup window by running multiple parallel backup operations.

Download the TapeMaster Tape Cloning & Migration Family Comparison Chart Download TapeMaster Tape Cloning & Migration Family Comparison Chart

TapeMaster Data Tape Migrator TapeMaster 4:4 LTO-to-HDD | Cloud Migration Solution

The TapeMaster LTO Tape Migrator extracts data from one or more write protected LTO tapes simultaneously and clone to virtual LTO tape images on a high capacity RAID Array storage subsystems with the ability to expand using cloud and object storage as a cold data tier

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