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LTO Tape Cartridge Security Locker

Lock your LTO tape cartridges before storing them off-site or prior to transporting them.
This securely locks your LTO tape preventing unauthorized access to your tape data!

  • Prevents unauthorized tape writing
  • Prevents unauthorized tape reading
  • Locked tapes will automatically be ejected after loading into any tape drive
  • LTO cartridge can only be unlocked by the tape locking device
  • No license fee required to lock or unlock tapes
  • Unlimited - lock or unlock as many tapes as you need

Incorporating LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer

LTO Tape Cartridges have limited life expectancy. The moving components inside of the cartridges can wear out.
They can be damaged by misadjusted or contaminated tape drives.
Tape drives can be contaminated by cartridges and therefore require constant maintenance.

Defective cartridges and tape drives cause problems

  • Failures of archive back-ups
    • loss of time
    • loss of data if real-time
  • Failures during restore loss of data
    • Loss of data
  • Contamination
    • Tape drives contaminate cartridges
    • Cartridges contaminate tape drives
  • Expensive
    • Cost to rerun job
    • Cost to reconstruct data
  • How to identify
    • Not possible by visual inspection

LTO Tape Cartridge Security Locker and Quality Analyzer LTO Tape Cartridge Security Locker and Quality Analyzer

The secure LTO Ultrium tape locker ensures that LTO media cannot be written to or read from any LTO drive, providing an additional layer of security during transport or off-site storage. Incorporating LTO tape quality analyzer, this appliance enables customers to proactively assess the health of their LTO drives and libraries, delivering the confidence that your data is available when needed.

Price: US$3,999.99