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LTO Tape Analyzer, Cleaner, and Eraser

VeriTape® is a product designed to monitor the quality and lifespan of data cartridges. It aids in identifying refurbished cartridges and verifying their status as new or otherwise. One key feature is its ability to predict when a cartridge is close to failing, allowing it to be retired before it disrupts operations. It also offers the ability to store and analyze mission-critical data, providing users with complete confidence in their data integrity. Furthermore, VeriTape® can analyze both cartridges and tape drives, identifying any potential issues and recommending corrective actions. It also provides the count of times a cleaning cartridge has been used, considering their usage is limited.

VeriClean is a tape cleaner that focuses on maintaining the cleanliness of data centers to enhance reliability and efficiency. Recognizing that tape wear generates debris that can affect drive performance, VeriClean emphasizes the cleaning of media to prevent potential contamination and subsequent problems. With the continuous increase in tape cartridge capacity, vulnerability to contamination has also escalated, so the technology offered by VeriClean removes this contamination without damaging delicate high-capacity tapes. It is recommended to clean new tapes, tapes returned from offsite storage, tapes that cannot tolerate a write error abort, tapes that have experienced a permanent read error, and tapes that have changed in capacity.

VeriSecure LTO Tape Eraser is a device that securely erases data from LTO (Linear Tape-Open) cartridges ranging from LTO 1 to 8. This compact and lightweight equipment can be easily transported to the user's site, ensuring that cartridges do not leave their secure location before all data is removed. With fast operation, a single operator can erase up to 1,000 tapes in a single shift. Notably, every erased cartridge is identified by a secure record in the cartridge memory, allowing the buyer to obtain complete erase and quality information from every cartridge. Besides providing the erasing equipment, the company also offers a complete "Ready for Use" service which includes changing the barcode label, modifying the VolSer number inside the CM chip, and arranging the sale of used cartridges.

VeriSecure LTO Tape Eraser & Recycler VeriSecure LTO Tape Eraser & "Green" Recycler

VeriSecure, offers a revolutionary solution that is both eco-conscious and cost-effective. Our cutting-edge technology enables organizations to repurpose decommissioned cartridges within their own enterprise or sell them in the thriving used LTO cartridge market.

Veritape LTO and 3592 Tape Cartridge Quality Analyzer Veritape LTO and 3592 Tape Cartridge Quality Analyzer

The  LTO tape quality analyzer, enables customers to proactively assess the health of their LTO drives and libraries, delivering the confidence that your data is available when needed.

Price: US$1,299.99
Sale Price: US$1,099.99
VeriClean LTO Tape Cleaner VeriClean LTO Tape Cleaner

When to clean LTO Tapes: New tapes before first use; Tapes that are returned from an offsite storage facility; after a permanent read error occurs; after changing the capacity of a cartridge.

Price: US$6,499.00
Sale Price: US$5,999.99