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VeriClean LTO Tape Cleaner
VeriClean LTO Tape Cleaner

The VeriClean LTO Tape Cleaner is the best device to use for proactive tape cleaning measures which will guarantee the uninterrupted flow of critical information, minimize risks associated with data loss and maximize overall tape drive performance.

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Maximizing Tape Drive Performance with Effective Tape Cleaning Techniques

Data storage plays a crucial role in various industries, tape cartridges have emerged as a reliable and cost-effective solution. Since the inception of LTO cartridges in 2000, their capacity has witnessed a staggering twenty-five-fold increase. Surprisingly, the physical dimensions of these cartridges have remained unchanged, thanks to the remarkable rise in bit density. However, this increase in capacity also brings forth a critical challenge – the susceptibility of later-generation tapes to contamination.

Understanding the Impact of Contamination

Even minuscule particles can wreak havoc on the performance of high-density recording tapes. Consider the image displayed on the right, showcasing a small section of a recorded LTO tape. The slanted lines at the center represent servo data, enabling the drive to locate the data tracks. The data tracks are situated on both sides of this servo band.

Intriguingly, the diameter of the brown particle visible in the image measures less than 100 μm, which is thinner than a sheet of copy paper. However, due to the exceptional data density, a particle of this size can render hundreds of bits unreadable, making it impossible for the error correction circuitry of the drive to recover the data. Consequently, data integrity is compromised even with such minute contamination.

Preserving Tape Integrity without Compromising Durability

Given the delicate nature of high-capacity tapes, it becomes paramount to employ proven and trusted technologies for cleaning them. Our cutting-edge cleaning technology has been developed in collaboration with a leading tape library company and extensively tested by prominent media companies, ensuring optimal tape maintenance.

Determining the Right Time for Tape Cleaning

To ensure optimal performance and data reliability, it is crucial to identify the appropriate moments for tape cleaning. Here are some instances when tape cleaning is recommended:

  • New Tapes Before Initial Use:
    When utilizing new tapes, it is essential to address potential slitting debris. During the manufacturing process, tapes are cut into ½ inch wide stripes, leading to the generation of debris that can affect tape performance.
  • Tapes Returned from Offsite Storage:
    Although storage facilities prioritize contamination prevention, there is always a risk of contamination during storage or transportation. Cleaning tapes upon their return mitigates this risk and guarantees data integrity.
  • When Write Error Aborts Are Unacceptable:
    In situations where a write error abort cannot be tolerated, it is advisable to use a clean tape. A write command failure is often caused by contamination of the media or the drive. Utilizing a clean tape significantly increases the success rate of writing data reliably.
  • After Permanent Read Errors Occur:
    Media contamination can prevent tape drives from recovering critical data. If the tape contains vital input data, failing to retrieve it can have disastrous consequences. In such cases, cleaning the tape may allow the drive to successfully read the data, thereby mitigating potential losses.
  • After Changing Cartridge Capacity:
    Altering the capacity of LTO and 3592 cartridges to improve the performance of partially filled tapes can lead to severe issues. IBM highlights this concern, stating that increasing the capacity may create a "debris dump" at the previous logical end of the medium, which can cause defects during writing. By cleaning the tape, this potential problem can be effectively eliminated.

Revolutionary Cleaning Technology

To address tape cleaning requirements, our innovative cleaning method, known as perpendicular cleaning, has proven to be exceptionally effective. This method employs a cleaning blade mounted perpendicular to the tape, enabling the removal of debris as the tape moves past the blade. The contact between the tape and the blade is minimal, preventing any damage to the tape.

Optimizing Blade Performance

Our cleaning blade utilizes a self-sharpening mechanism, ensuring consistent and efficient debris removal. As the cleaning edge wears, a new edge is automatically created, maintaining the sharpness of the blade throughout its life cycle.

Maintenance-Free Operation

One of the significant drawbacks of conventional blade cleaning methods is uneven wear, which can cause tape edge damage due to irregular groove formation on the blade. To counter this, our proprietary technology moves the blade perpendicular to the tape after each cleaning cycle, effectively controlling wear and eliminating sharp edges. As a result, the blade remains sharp and the tape remains undamaged, even after numerous cleaning cycles.

Efficient tape cleaning is a crucial aspect of maintaining optimal performance and data integrity in today's fast-paced digital landscape. By leveraging advanced cleaning technologies and adhering to recommended cleaning practices, organizations can ensure the longevity and reliability of their tape cartridges. Implementing proactive tape cleaning measures guarantees the uninterrupted flow of critical information, minimizing the risks associated with data loss and maximizing overall tape drive performance.