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VeriSecure LTO Tape Eraser & "Green" Recycler
VeriSecure LTO Tape Eraser & Recycler

Erase and Re-use Your LTO Tape Cartridges:

  • Erase LTO Tape In Less Than 6 Minutes
  • LTO-1 to LTO-7 Supported
  • Erase Your Tape Onsite
  • Lease For As Long As You Need
  • Erase Up To 1,000 Tapes Per Shift
  • High Security - Impossible To Recover Data

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VeriSecure LTO Tape Eraser & "Green" Recycler: Enhancing Data Security and Sustainability

In today's data-driven world, securely managing and disposing of decommissioned tape cartridges is of utmost importance. However, traditional methods of destroying cartridges are not only expensive but also environmentally unfriendly. At VeriSecure, we offer a revolutionary solution that is both eco-conscious and cost-effective. Our cutting-edge technology enables organizations to repurpose decommissioned cartridges within their own enterprise or sell them in the thriving used LTO cartridge market.

Ensuring Data Erasure

Before transferring media, especially beyond the organization's premises, it is crucial to completely erase the data. Our state-of-the-art equipment excels in providing unparalleled data erasure capabilities. Our secure and efficient erase procedure guarantees the complete elimination of data.

Enhancing Data Security

Many instances arise where tape cartridges containing expired yet confidential data are stored in unsecured locations. These cartridges may be returned from off-site storage or other locations, and they are often stored outside a library until they are reused to archive new data. Erasing the data before storing the cartridges eliminates the risk of expired confidential data falling into unexpected and undesirable hands.

Improving Data Reliability

When a tape is overwritten, traces of the original write magnetization remain on the tape. With repeated overwrites, the residual magnetization can increase, leading to higher tape error rates. Our erase process employs magnetic fields significantly stronger than those used by drives for writing data. This ensures the complete removal of all magnetizations from previous write operations, effectively restoring the tape to a magnetically pristine state.

Ensuring Cartridge Quality

Even when a cartridge originates from another data center within the same enterprise, its condition may be uncertain. It could have exceeded its intended lifespan or been used in a misaligned tape drive. Our equipment thoroughly analyzes the cartridge's complete history, measures the edge quality, and provides the recipient with a comprehensive quality report, allowing for informed decision-making.

Key Features of VeriSecure LTO Tape Eraser & "Green" Recycler

  • Portability and Convenience:
    Our compact and lightweight equipment can be easily transported to your site, allowing for data removal without the need to move cartridges from their secure location.
  • User-Friendly Operation:
    Many of our customers have successfully erased their own tapes using our equipment, offering a hassle-free experience.
  • Rapid Erasure:
    With our efficient technology, a single operator can erase up to 1,000 tapes within a single shift, ensuring optimal productivity.
  • Secure Cartridge Identification:
    Every erased cartridge is securely recorded in the cartridge memory, enabling the buyer to obtain complete erasure and quality information for each cartridge.
  • Service Provision:
    If you are pressed for time and unable to erase thousands of cartridges on your own, we offer on-site erasure services. Our team will bring the equipment to your location and handle the erasure process for you.
  • Equipment Leasing:
    Our equipment is available for lease on a per-cartridge basis, eliminating upfront costs associated with purchasing expensive equipment that may only be used occasionally.
  • Cartridge Sale Facilitation:
    If you prefer not to enter the used cartridge market, we can assist in arranging the sale of your cartridges, ensuring a seamless process.

Choose the Ideal Erasure Method for Your Needs

  • Secure Erase for Extremely Security-Sensitive Sites:
    For owners who require the utmost confidence in data erasure, Secure Erase is the ideal solution. This advanced technology offers complete data removal, surpassing the security of simple overwrites. The magnetic fields generated by our Secure Erase equipment penetrate the entire magnetic layer of the tape, ensuring comprehensive data eradication.
  • Quick Erase, the Economical Alternative:
    Quick Erase provides a rapid and cost-effective method for erasing cartridges. It involves writing an "End of Data Mark" (EOD) at the beginning of the tape. LTO drives automatically cease reading when they encounter the EOD mark, making any remaining data inaccessible. Quick Erase prevents accidental access to the remaining data and deters all but the most sophisticated deliberate attempts to retrieve it.

At VeriSecure, we prioritize both data security and environmental responsibility. Our advanced LTO Tape Eraser & "Green" Recycler offers organizations a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to cartridge destruction. By ensuring complete data erasure, enhancing data reliability, and providing detailed quality reports, we empower enterprises to repurpose cartridges within their ecosystem or confidently sell them in the used cartridge market. With our portable equipment, user-friendly operation, and flexible service options, VeriSecure is your trusted partner in data erasure and recycling. Choose a greener and more secure future for your decommissioned tape cartridges today.