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TapeMaster 1:1 Tape-to-VTL/HDD | Cloud Migration Solution
TapeMaster Data Tape Migrator
TapeMaster 1:1 Tape-to-HDD | Cloud Migrator

Virtualize your inventory of legacy data tapes, turbocharging your backup and restore performance. In addition to getting instant access to your data, you will also have the ability to automatically replicate your old tape archive to object storage like HGST ActiveScale, Cloudian, Fujitsu Eternus, or cloud storage from AWS, Azure, Backblaze, Wasabi or ThinkOn.

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Efficiently migrate your legacy tape archive to VTL | HDD or Object Cloud Storage.

The Storage Heaven TapeMaster 1:1 Tape-to-VTL | Cloud Migration Solution is the perfect solution for those who want to Migrate and/or Clone their legacy tapes directly to a Virtual Tape Library (via Virtual Tape Volumes on HDD/SSD/RAID Arrays) with the option to automatically replicate to object storage like HGST ActiveScale, Cloudian, Fujitsu Eternus, or cloud storage from AWS, Azure, Backblaze or Wasabi. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of tapes, our solution will scale to your needs.

Featuring an innovative design, high performance, and technologically advanced features, these solutions meet today’s challenges in conversion, migration, and replication of data. The TapeMaster Data Migrator clones data from any legacy tape to virtual tape images residing on hard disk drives/raid arrays. Data are stored in virtual tape images that can be accessed with any major tape drive or tape library backup or tape management software to efficiently manage data at speed of today's modern disk storage technology.

TapeMaster Migration solution is highly scalable allowing the user to start cloning from an entry-level 1-to-1 (physical library to virtual library) and expand to large configuration with multiple concurrent sources and targets.

This solution features high performance independent and concurrent data paths for optimum efficiency. Once migrated, virtual tape images can be replicated to a public/private cloud or object storage as a cold data tier.

The TapeMaster Tape Migration solution supports all major legacy tapes formats, offering automated direct Tape-to-VTL-to-Cloud cloning and migration without the need to restore data from your legacy source tapes.

This system also supports barcode labels. Barcodes are read and assigned to tape images. It implements automatic user defined barcodes in the absence of barcode readers.

Tape Virtualization Benefits

  • The Virtual Tape Library integrates into existing tape-centric backup environments
  • Meet Regulatory requirements easily with secure automated data management policies
  • Unmanned DR shipping: automatic tiering and replication to the cloud per user-set policies
  • Shrink backup time and improve RPO using fast disk storage combined with 10GbE connectivity
  • Get RTO close to zero with instant restores from disk-backed virtual tapes
  • Protect your data from ransomware and disasters by air-gapping it with VTLA and an offsite copies
  • Potential savings on space and resources by replacing physical tape infrastructure
  • Save money on media storage and shipping by leveraging secure and scalable cloud storage
  • Save time on implementation: little to no changes required to the existing infrastructure

TapeMaster 1:1 Solution Features

  • Tape Images - Migrate | Clone tapes with 100% accuracy to virtual tape volumes which can be accessed online (in an instant) from the Virtual Tape Library or via a Private/Public Cloud.
  • Extremely Fast Cloning - Parallel and independent data paths for maximum performance
  • Write Protected Source - Copies only from write-protected read-only data tapes
  • Host Support - The VTL can be attached via 1GbE or 10GbE iSCSI Channel on a variety of host computer platforms and operating systems.
  • User-Friendly GUI - The TapeMaster-SF Migrator Operator Console consists of a user-friendly 6-button keypad and a large 4 line by twenty character LCD used to display status and menu information
  • TapeMaster 1:1 Operating Status - The TapeMaster 1:1 Data Migrator Operating Status screen identifies the virtual volumes currently loaded for import operations
  • View Virtual Volumes Menu - The TapeMaster 1:1 Data Migrator unit View Virtual Volumes Menu allows the operator to navigate through the virtual volumes to be queried and provides the status of the virtual volume selected. Information displayed includes the amount of data recorded, barcode, and write-protect status
  • VTL Management Console - The VTL Management Console allows the operator to change the configuration of the VTL Appliance. Use this console to configure the disk storage as a Virtual Tape Library including Virtual Volume size, VTL Emulation and number of Virtual Tape Drives
  • Set VTL Emulation - The VTL emulation specifies how the VTL is presented to the host system. VTLA will be shown as a Tape Library to the host system by as an HPE MSL2024, MSL4048 or ADIC Scalar 100 tape library.
  • Form Factor - TapeMaster 1:1 solution is available in rackmount configuration.
  • Tapes Supported - LTO, SuperDLT, DLT, 4MM, 8MM, AIT, and many more tape formats created in SCSI tape drive or Library. FC support will be available soon. Call us if required.
  • Applications For Various Markets
    Just a few of the most popular uses and users of the TapeMaster cloning and migration systems include content archive and distribution for Digital Cinema, Government Agencies (i.e. Navy, Army, Air Force, Aerospace), Medical Imaging (i.e. EMR, PACS, DICOM), Information Technology, Digital Forensics, Mining, Video Production, Oil/Gas Exploration (Seismic) and Broadcast Industry.
  • One year Standard Warranty - The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Extended maintenance warranty can be purchased.