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HD-3XTL Hard Drive Degausser
HD-3XTL Hard Drive Degausser completely and permanently erases data
HD-3XTL Hard Drive Degausser completely and permanently erases data regardless of operating system or interface
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Fast, high-volume, workhorse. In only 3 seconds, the HD-3XTL degausser, with 10,000 Gauss, will completely erase all data
from any hard drive or tape that fits into its oversized media slot.

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Price: US$9,475.00
Sale Price: US$8,795.00

IRONCLAD Display Unit, Image Capture System, Scanner - HD-3XLT [Add US$4,695.00]


HD-3WXL Case:


HD-3XTL Hard Drive Degausser

The HD-3XTL permanently erases all data on hard drives (laptop, desktop and network up to 1.6" high) and high coercivity tape media, including all formats of LTO (1,2,3,4), SuperDLT I & II, DLT, 9940, 3590, AIT, 8mm and more, all without any adapters. With a continuous duty rating (no cooling necessary) and a 6 second cycle time, large quantities of media can be erased in a very short period of time.

Destroy Data Fast and Safely:
  • Inserting the media in tot he media slot automatically initiates the degauss cycle
  • 3 seconds later, the media is degaussed.
  • To save precious time, pre-charging begins immediately as the degaussed media is released down the slide
  • Turning off the HD-3XTL releases any pre-charged energy for safe storage.

HD-3XTL Data Eliminator Features and Benefits

  • Complete data erasure in 3 seconds
  • Erases up to 450 standard and full height hard drives per hour
  • Erases up to 4,500 bundled laptop drives per hour
  • Generates 10,000+ Gauss (1 Tesla)
  • Erase process starts automatically
  • Verification software and scanner voucher included
  • Oversized media slot 1.7” in height
  • Erases working and non-working hard drives
  • Continuous duty
  • CE certified
  • TAA compliant
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet worldwide
  • Portable when used with optional custom shipping case or smooth rolling cart

HD-3XTL Erasure Verification
  • Built-in field checker: Garner's degaussers have built-in field verification systems. On-board diagnostics confirms the magnetic field strength of every erase cycle, ensuring complete erasure every time.
  • LCD display: Provides the numerical value of gauss field strength to verify erasure, as well as cycle count, job count and diagnostics.
  • SCAN-1X Media Destruction Report software and scanner voucher included: Creates media destruction reports with date, time, user ID, serial number and verification of each cycle.
  • IRONCLAD Integrated Auditing System (option): Create the ultimate proof-of-erasure and destruction reports. Combine the HD-3XTL degausser with Garner’s exclusive IRONCLAD® Erasure Verification with JPG Image Capture System. IRONCLAD creates a Certificate of Erasure & Destruction Report by compiling user, media and diagnostic data from the HD-3XTL degausser and the PD-5 hard drive destroyer for auditing purposes.

Government Mandates:
The HD-3XTL will assist you in meeting compliance standards for government mandates requiring complete elimination of sensitive information stored on magnetic media prior to re-use or disposal including:

  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • DoD Up to Secret Classification
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)
  • HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)
  • IRS 1075
  • NIST SP 800-88r1
  • PCI DSS 3.2 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
  • TAA (Trade Agreements Act: 19 U.S.C.)
Erasure Verification Tests:
Hard drives erased with the HD-3XTL have been tested & verified by hard drive manufacturers, information recovery companies, private and governmental forensic laboratories which independently confirmed no data was recoverable

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