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Fixed magnet degausser, requires no power to operate PD-4 Hard Drive Destroyer EconoErase Permanent Hard Drive Eraser
SD1-Mobile Hard Disk Drive and Tape Degausser
Price: US$6,998.00
Sale Price: US$3,899.00
PD-4 Hard Drive Destroyer
Price: US$4,975.00
EconoErase Permanent Hard Drive Eraser & Recycler
Price: US$1,499.00
Sale Price: US$1,199.00
High powered, solution for fast and secure removal of data from Magnetically Recorded Media. The manually powered system does not require any electrical power. The system utilizes an array of Permanent Rare Earth “Fixed Magnets" to securely dispose of the data. The PD-4 destroys up to 360 - 1 inch hard drives per hour (when crushing two 1 inch hard drives at a time). The EconoErase device permanently erases data off four hard drives simultaneously at speeds up to 7.2 GB/minute to Department of Defense Specifications (DoD-M5220).

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