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IT Hard Drive Cloning and SSD Cloning Devices

Storage Heaven is a leading supplier of Hard Drive Cloning, testing, recovery and computer forensics systems. Hard drive duplication is becoming the more popular method of backing up data from a HDD for security reasons and will make a perfect clone of the target hard drive. When you copy your hard drive with our duplication equipment, you can get a byte by byte copy of most hard drives and make a clone that can be used for backups in case of a hard drive failure or use it for the investigation of cyber crimes.

Hard Drive Duplicator Portable SAS Duplicator, SATA & IDE Hard Drive Duplicator and DoD Eraser OCSCSI:121 SCSI Drive Copier
The EconoDupe high performance hard drive duplicator series combines the latest in technology and extreme efficiency in design to achieve data transfer speeds up to 6.6GB/min.

EconoSAS Portable SAS, SATA & IDE Hard Drive and SSD Duplicator/Eraser, for Server, RAID Array and Desktop drives. Clone Enterprise SAS Drives at up to 300MB/sec.

The OCSCSI:121 SCSI Drive Copier features high-speed, one-to-one, duplication and is capable of duplicating a SCSI master drive to one SCSI target at speeds approaching 7GB/min.

HDD & SSD High Speed SATA Cloning CinemaHDC CRU Hard Drive Duplicator CinemaHDC Ultra SATA HDD/SSD CRU Duplicator and Eraser
CinemaHDC CRU HDD/SDD Duplicator
Price: US$3,995.00
Today's Sale Price US$2,995.00
CinemaHDC Ultra SATA HDD/SDD CRU Duplicator and Eraser
Price: US$4,995.00
Today's Sale Price US$3,995.00
HDD-1211T, One Master To Eleven Targets 2.5" and 3.5" HDD & SSD High Speed SATA Cloning Device,Impeccable copy speed: up to 7.2 GB per min for each port and up to 16 targets.

  • Rackmount & Stackable Hard Drive Duplicator

  • Removable DX115 DC CRU Carriers

  • Up to 9GB/minute Speed

  • Comes in 4, 11, 17 and 23 port configuration and can be expanded

  • Supported 9 Terabytes or greater HDD / SDD capacity

CinemaHDC Ultra, designed exclusively for the most popular CRU Carrier on the market, the DX115 DC. With its rugged steel and aluminum build, the CinemaHDC Ultra the latest in a series of reliable and easy to use Hard Disk Copier for distribution of your digital content.

Hard Drive Duplicator Hard Drive Duplicator - Mobile SAS, SATA,SSD, FireWire, PCIe, NVMe, M.2 and IDE
The ZCloneXi is a high-speed, production-grade hard drive duplication systems. This five-target system (6 targets if cloning from network volume) possesses many advanced, new features, and is especially engineered for high volume production.

The SS:AIO All-In-One "Swiss Army Knife" one to one and two to two hard disk drive duplicator, is a compact and portable cloning solution.

Cloning Hard Drives

Our Hard Drive Cloning systems are used throughout the world in thousands of IT departments, as well as by largest law enforcement agencies and the US military. These hard drive data capturing systems offer high-speed solutions for copying hard drives, drive formatting, data recovery, and disaster recovery.

Our products range from one-to-one solutions, to the production-grade hard drive cloning duplicators. These products offer PATA (UDMA/IDE), SATA, SCSI, SAS, SSD, CompactFlash/Memory Cards, and USB connectivity.

Whether you are looking for software duplication, drive imaging, clone hard drive diagnostics, back-up & recovery, file management, or computer forensic solutions, Storage Heaven has the right solution for you.