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SCSI:NG121 Portable 1:1 SCSI Hard Drive Duplicator with optional Eraser
SCSI:NG121 SCSI Drive Copier
SCSI:121 SCSI Drive Copier
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  • Support for 1-to-1 68-pin SCSI drives (default)
  • Support for 1-to-1 50-pin SCSI drives with optional adapter kit
  • Support for 1-to-1 80-pin (SCA) drives with optional adapter kit
  • Supports Cloning Images from/to 10GbE Network Repository, NAS
  • Support for SHA1, SHA256 & MD5 Hash Verification (option)
  • Support for All Operating Systems including Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS etc
  • Support for NIST-800-88 and DoD 7 pass and custom Wipe/secure erase (option)
  • Up to 8GB/minute Cloning and Includes 1 Year Warranty
  • Includes Audit Trail/Log Reports on each task
Price: US$3,199.99
Sale Price: US$2,899.99

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SCSI:NG121 Warranty:


SCSI:NG121 SCSI Drive Copier

This high-speed, one-to-one, SCSI:NG121 SCSI Drive Copier duplication system is capable of duplicating a SCSI master drive to one SCSI target at speeds exceeding 8 GB/min. This revolutionary system is housed in a slim-line chassis and is completely self-contained with its own graphic LCD display and control panel. No monitor or keyboard required.

  • One master to one target hard drive to hard drive duplication
  • Slim-line chassis with color LCD display and full-function menu tabs
  • Supports all SCSI drives (unit has 68-pin SCSI-3 connectors standard, adapters kits to convert 50-pin or 80-pin to 68-pin and SE to differential available)
  • Advanced software including SmartCopy, bit-for-bit binary/Mirror Copy, optional Diagnostic and Erase function wipes a drive clean up to DoD standards (custom or 7 pass)
  • SmartCopy Data only: copies data areas, skips blank sectors, scales partitions to target. Supports FAT16/32/NTFS and Linux (ext, ext2, ext3, et4) file systems.
  • Supports cloning all operating systems: including Windows 10, Linux and Unix
  • Perforated drive trays with active cooling to quickly dissipate heat
  • Adjust target drive structures to ensure target will boot
  • Includes a built-in USB port for easy software/firmware updates
  • Write-Protected Master: master port is automatically write-blocked to prevent any alteration to sensitive data on the master drive
  • Wipe Option: provides a comprehensive wipe mode. DoD wipe, Secure Erase (using a SCSI FORMAT command), and custom pass settings. Meets NIST 800-88 guidelines. Requires the purchase of a software option.
  • Multi-Image Master Feature: store multiple images created using repository on a SCSI drive or on a network repository and then clone to selected target drives
  • Remote Operation: allows you to control all operations from a remote computer using a web browser. The unit has a Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • Error Handling: scan for bad sectors on the source drive, abort or skip and log for review. An error granularity user-selectable setting provides more control over the error handling of the master drive. Four cluster size settings are provided to determine the number of sectors to be skipped when a bad sector is found on the master drive.
  • Hash verification Option: Clone and verify the exact replication of the master drive in one single process. Features SHA-1, SHA256 or MD5 algorithms and hash verification are embedded in the audit trail/log file. Requires the purchase of an optional software activation package
  • Advanced Administrative Functions: Administrators can create user-profiles and save configurations
  • Audit Trail/Log Report: Detailed information about the cloning session is provided, and reports can be printed from a browser. The report includes a digital signature for authentication purposes
  • HPA/DCO/ACS3: Clone or wipe HPA/DCO/ACS3 areas of the drive
  • Includes a 1-year warranty. An extended warranty can be purchased also.

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