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StorageHeaven Announces Strategic Client Partnership with Infrastructure and Data Management Services Provider: ThinkOn Inc.

TORONTO, Dec. 4, 2019, Storage Heaven (www.storageheaven.com), recently announced it would be partnering with data infrastructure expert ThinkOn, helping to satisfy clients' needs for magnetic tape migration and duplication. StorageHeaven is the maker of the TapeMaster, the only migrator and duplicator available that can copy and verify without the need for a computer or application software. ThinkOn offers a powerful Clone2Cloud service that has the potential to help streamline the migration and duplication process by moving hundreds of thousands of older tapes directly to the cloud.

"We are excited and happy to bring ThinkOn as both a client and data storage partner," said Gordon, Director Sales and Marketing at StorageHeaven. "Our company missions are perfectly aligned to support each other. ThinkOn is a leading provider of digital infrastructure for a variety of clients, especially in the data storage and replication space. And our unique LTO TapeMaster Duplication System undergirds that mission, speeding up the tape migration and backup process for ThinkOn's client base."

"Finding a solution that would allow us to clone tapes directly to a virtual tape library and store them in any of our cloud-based locations was crucial," says Craig McLellan, Chief Executive Officer at ThinkOn Inc. He adds, "It was taking a long time to migrate tape archives and backup physical tapes to the cloud; and in all cases, access to the appropriate backup software with an intact catalog was required — not to mention expertise with that software. We chose the StorageHeaven TapeMaster-LM because it can clone a tape regardless of what software was used to do the backups, requiring no in-house software experience. StorageHeaven has created a product that, to our knowledge, is unique in the marketplace for this type of work: a direct capability to clone a tape to the cloud."

TapeMaster VTL/Cloud Migration System
The TapeMaster-LM is designed to clone one-to-one or many-to-many copies of LTO Ultrium Data Tapes. Each copy is an exact duplicate, and these stand-alone systems provide an intuitive menu with a modern, easy-to-read, multi-line LCD control panel. The TapeMaster is a dedicated stand-alone cloning system specifically designed for high-speed tape duplication. Some features include:

  • Direct cloning of any physical tape to VTL or Cloud without restoration
  • Easy to setup and use - no training required
  • Start off with 1:1 system and scale up as your production increases
  • Embedded diagnostics for trouble-free operation
  • Fully automated standalone systems for a lights-out operation
  • Platform/file system independent with automatic block size and density detection
  • Automatic transfer of barcodes from physical tape to virtual tape images
  • Automatic audit trail/log report generation of all cloning sessions

Learn more about the Tape-to-HDD/Cloud TapeMaster HERE.

About ThinkOn
ThinkOn is Canada's first exclusively wholesale cloud services provider that enables over 140+ channel partners with a world class suite of network, compute and storage. ThinkOn provides Turn-key, Market Focused, Cloud-based services to Commercial, Enterprise and Public Sector Customers through Channel, OEM and ISV Partnerships. Their IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS offerings are easy to understand, transparently priced and well supported by their robust service delivery infrastructure that is powered by over 14 data center facilities across North America. ThinkOn's business is built on the strong foundations of data, channel, security and automation. Learn more at: www.ThinkOn.com.

About Storage Heaven:

StorageHeaven is the world's leader in data tape duplication and migration solutions. Founded in 1992, StorageHeaven is dedicated to delivering reliable, innovative, state-of-the-art media duplication and archival solutions for Information Technology, Forensic and Media & Entertainment industry users worldwide. The company's products are sold direct to users, through international distributors and authorized dealers worldwide.