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SD/MicroSD Combo Flash Memory Duplicator
SD MicroSD Flash Duplicator
SD/MicroSD Combo Flash Memory Duplicator
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Volume SD/microSD flash memory card programming. Copying at speeds of 1.5 GB per minute per port, the i9 SD/microSD standalone devices provides unrivalled compatibility with SD/microSD cards of all brands and capacities and can duplicate up to 119 targets SD/microSD flash memory cards at full speed simultaneously.

SD/MicroSD Combo Flash Memory Duplicators Available: 2, 7, 15, 23, 31, 47, 63, 119

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Price: US$139.99

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SD/MicroSD Combo Flash Memory Duplicator

Smarter Flash Duplicator with up to 120 ports available!

An ultra-fast, multi-target, multi-feature flash memory copier/eraser, the versatile i9 series of SD/microSD replicator is designed for volume SD/microSD flash memory card programming. Copying at speeds of 1.5 GB per minute per port, the i9 SD/microSD standalone devices provides unrivaled compatibility with SD/microSD cards of all brands and capacities and can duplicate up to 63 targets SD/microSD flash memory cards at full speed simultaneously.

The i9 SD/microSD copiers delivers advanced technology with easy to use intuitive interface and ergonomic design to facilitate efficient operation. This next generation in SD/microSD duplication provides professionals with a solution that accelerates day-to-day SD/microSD tasks including embedded device deployments (mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, and tablet computers), O/S upgrades, firmware updates and content/application distribution.

  • Fast Data Copy - Fast data copy function will analyze the SD/microSD first and then copies only the data portion (Support FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4), thereby enhancing the copying efficiency.
  • Copy + Compare Function - It is strongly suggested to use the Copy +Compare Function to verify a 100% accurate cloning.
  • Superior Flash Quality Inspection Tool - The quality, capacity and speed checks are useful and reliable tools to inspect the quality of the Flash cards you are using in your duplication project.
  • Professional H3/H5 Test completely shows the Flash card quality. - This tool examines the entire Flash media bit-for-bit to show the reading speed, writing speed, and bad sector quantity. This is a useful tool hat you can use to sample flash cards from different vendors before you make a large purchasing decision. It can also make quality inspections of the Flash cards thereby giving you the ability to remove suspect cards before they go into production.
  • Capacity check - The capacity check can report the accurate capacity of Flash card.
  • Measure speed - The speed measuring function can show the reading and writing speed of Flash Card.
  • Asynchronous Copy Technology - The asynchronous copy loads data to buffer memory automatically and allows each slot to duplicate data independently and continuously.
  • High-speed copy supports up to 1.5 GB per minute per port.
  • Easy to use intuitive interface and ergonomic design to facilitate efficient operation.
  • Quick socket swap module for faster in-field maintenance.
  • New advanced Multi-Core processor included.
  • Completely standalone and portable system, no computer required.
  • Supports all format, data size and SD/microSD memory card capacity bit for bit copy.
  • Comply with USA Department of Defense (DoD) data security standard provides DoD Erase function.
  • Includes 4 kinds of professional quality diagnostic tools for Flash module.
  • " A2 Fake Picker" shows accurate capacity of SD/microSD Memory card to get rid of low quality or fake flash media.
  • "Speed Check" shows Reading and Writing speed of the Flash module within 8 seconds.
  • "H3/H5 Media Check" shows the quantity of bad block though bit for bit examination.
  • Fast data copy, copies only data areas, skips blank areas.( Support FAT16/32, Linux ext2/ext3, NTFS)
  • High-end log production report (Must specify this upgrade at time of order)
  • Burn-in test to realize the quality of flash. (Must specify this upgrade at time of order)
  • 2 second format, 3 models available for selection.
  • Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous modes for Copy/Compare/ Erase/ Format function.
  • Strict bit-by-bit hardware comparison further increases the reliability of duplication.
  • User-friendly interface with real time information LCD display.
  • Firmware upgrade available with well-experienced team support.
Additional Features In PRO Model:
  • Event-log Reporting Function - Event Log Report is an important asset Management tool to assist users in monitoring and recording the whole duplication control process. The Event Log report records all details of each duplication task. For example, working time, run function, model number, the serial number of media and results etc.
  • Burn-in Test Function - To find out the durability of your Flash devices, you can select the Burn-In function. You can set how long and how many loops and duration of the Burn-In test. The range of the Burn-In time is between 30 mins to 30 days.
  • Write once read many (WORM) Function - The Write Protection or WORM function gives you the ability to make your SD/microSD cards permanently read-only once they have been duplicated. This write-protection affords the assurance that the data cannot be tampered with once it is written to the SD/MicroSD.
  • Dual Source Compare Mode (DSCM) - Dual source comparison mode can eliminate the chance of a duplication error caused by a worn or a source that is not 100% accurate. Use the first port as a copying source and use the second port as a backup/compare source. It will guarantee the highest reliability and 100% accuracy of the duplication process if your application demands it.
  • Get ID (MID/OID/SN) Function - This function enables the copier to output the ID of the SD/microSD Card. This function is perfect for some software applications (i.e encryption applications) that requires unique ID.
Additional Features of CopyProtect Model
  • Duplicate SD/microSD with Copy Protection Function
  • Each card can generate its own specific authentication key which can neither be copied nor use illegally.
  • You can provide different authentication code based on his own requirement and use it for a specific application.
  • The authentication key encoded is unique.
  • Can be used to copy large number of cards and create authentication key The authentication key is valid only when used in conjunction with the CID of the SD card. It is invalid when copied to another SD card.
  • Suitable for client that want to protect content on SD such as Games developer, Navigation system manufacturer and/or MP3 Player manufacturer
  • Supports Fat16/Fat32 file system
  • Digital contents like movie and music usually have to be encrypted first. It would then be decrypted using a decoder to check for authenticity before it can be played on a device.
  • Works with most equipment that has an SD Card reader such as tablets, smartphone, notebooks, PCs, IPCs and MP3 Players.
  • Comes with 2 Years Warranty (warranty for swappable ports is 6 months)

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