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Flash Memory Duplicators - SD, MicroSD, USB, OTG Micro USB, USB-HDD, CF and SSD

We have full range of Flash Memory Duplication devices from the portable one to two units to devices with over one hundred ports for those demanding production environments. New to our lineup is our all-in-one FlashMatrix Series which allows you to copy USB, CF, SD, MMC, and MS in a single device!  If you don't find what you need just give us a call today.

XpressHDD Ultra SD MicroSD Flash Duplicator FDD Flash Memory- Disc Converter CF127T Compact Flash Duplicator
CF127T Duplicator
Price: US$1,199.00
Sale Price: US$1,090.00
XpressHDD-Ultra Clones External USB HDD/SSD Drives and USB Flash Memory

XpressHDD-ULTRA is a standalone, high speed, highly efficient professional grade duplication series, specifically designed for USB 2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2 external hard disk drive or SSD duplication

  • Up to 120 ports available
  • Fast Data Copy
  • Copy + Compare Function
  • Superior Flash Quality Inspection Tool
  • Upgradeable to 10 targets
  • Supports various Flash media copy to discs
  • Divides large size files into multiple discs
  • No PC required
  • Available in 7, 15, 23, 31 or 47 Targets
  • Easily & accurately copy Compact Flash
  • High Speed duplication, bit-by-bit compare function