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Compact Flash Duplicators

If you are looking for CF Duplicators, you have come to the right place. Storage Heaven has compact flash duplicators suitable for every application. From the ultra portable and ultra fast CF300 3 target unit to the very large production CF1231 model with a whopping 31 targets. These compact flash card copiers have many advanced features such as duplication of large capacity cards, DoD erasing, and high speed flash duplication up to 5GB per minute. All units are 100% standalone and do not require a computer and or software to operate making them extremely mobile and easy to use.

FDD Flash Memory- Disc Converter Compact Flash Duplicator CF127T Compact Flash Duplicator
CF127T Duplicator
Price: US$1,199.00
Sale Price: US$1,090.00
  • Upgradeable to 10 targets
  • Supports various Flash media copy to discs
  • Divides large size files into multiple discs
  • No PC required
  • The CF300 Copier is upgradeable to 119 targets
  • Copy Multiple Drives without a PC!
  • Supports all format, data size and memory card capacity bit for bit copy.
  • Available in 7, 15, 23, 31 or 47 Targets
  • Easily & accurately copy Compact Flash
  • High Speed duplication, bit-by-bit compare function