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HD-2XT Hard Drive & Tape Degausser
HD-2XT Hard Drive & Tape Degausser
HD2XT Erases magnetic media
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  • Generates 10,000+ gauss (1 Tesla)
  • Complete data elimination on hard drives and tape in 7 seconds
  • Erases working and non-working magnetic media
  • CE certified
  • Lightweight, compact, quiet, and portable
  • Media destruction report capable

Price: US$4,495.00
Sale Price: US$4,095.00

IRONCLAD Display Unit, Image Capture System, Scanner [Add US$2,295.00]

Scan-2 Media Destruction Report Generator [Add US$295.00]


Transport Case:
Transport case - HD-2 [Add US$875.00]


HD-2XT High Speed Degausser

High-speed and economical hard drive degausser is made with the same high quality components as our other products. This compact, lightweight degausser generates a 10,000 gauss magnetic field to permanently erase all data from hard drives and tape in 7 seconds.
Easy to use, simply place the media in the drawer. Closing the drawer automatically starts the degauss cycle.
The HD-2XT is designed to integrate with Garner’s exclusive IRONCLAD® Erasure and Destruction Verification System with JPG image capture for complete, permanent and verifiable data elimination. Only Garner offers complete hard drive erasure with JPG images and reports of degaussed hard drives, providing the best audit trail and proof-of-erasure and destruction reports available

HD-2XT Erasure Verification

  • Built-in field verification system and on-board diagnostics confirm the magnetic field strength of every erase cycle, ensuring complete erasure (standard)
  • LCD numerically displays gauss level after each cycle (standard)
  • IRONCLAD Integrated Auditing System generates the ultimate proof-of-erasure and destruction reports with JPG images of the media and numerical documentation of the gauss field strength (optional)
  • SCAN-1X Media Destruction Report software and scanner upgrade creates a media destruction report complete with date, time, user ID, serial number, and erasure verification of each degauss cycle (optional)
  • Secure and Compliant

    The HD-2XT will help you meet government and industry standards requiring complete erasure of sensitive data prior to disposal, including:

    • NIST SP 800-88r1
    • IRS 1075
    • CPPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
    • DoD Up to Secret Classification
    • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
    • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
    • HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)
    • PIPEDA 3.2(Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
    • GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)
    • TAA
HD-2XT Features
  • Economical and durable
  • Generates 10,000+ Gauss (1 Tesla) magnetic field for complete erasure of hard drives and tape
  • Complete data erasure in 7 seconds
  • LCD numerically displays gauss level after each cycle
  • Erases up to 1,920 (1.8 in.), 960 (2.5 in.), and 240 (3.5 in.)drives per hour
  • Destruction report capable
  • Upgradeable to IRONCLAD Erasure and Destruction Verification System
  • Erases working and non-working hard drives
  • Continuous duty - no cool down between cycles
  • Office quiet
  • CE certified, TAA compliant
  • Portable, lightweight, (34 lbs)
IRONCLAD Verification

Add the IRONCLAD Integrated Auditing System to your HD-2XT. IRONCLAD captures a JPG image of the media and automatically generates a Certificate of Erasure and Destruction, including the crush depth of the PD-5 physical destroyer.

IRONCLAD documents and records the gauss field strength of each erase cycle

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