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Manual HDD / Tape Degaussers

Overwriting magnetic tape media will not completely erase data. Only degaussing can remove data and content 100%.
Tape Degaussers erase data from magnetic tape media, such as Audio tape, Computer cartridges: DC, TK 50/70, 3480/3490, 4/8mm and video, data & diskettes

VS92 Digi TapeMaster Degausser SV91M Degausser & Eraser DLT Tape Degausser Erases of Hard Drives.
VS92 Digitape Master Manual Degausser / Eraser
Price: US$1,989.00
Sale Price: US$1,899.00
SV91M Security Degausser & Eraser
Price: US$2,699.00
Sale Price: US$2,396.00
V91DLT/LTO High Energy Tape Eraser
Price US$2,699.00
Sale Price: US$2,396.00
V660 HDD Evo - Degausser Erases PC Hard Disk Drives
Price: US$2,899.00
Sale Price: US$2,495.00
The most Compact, high-energy media eraser available. Capable of erasing all high energy magnetic media, oxide or metal based including broadcast, video, data & diskettes. Suitable for almost all applications for magnetic media users.

Automatic Erasure of high density magnetic media. Drawer operated security eraser for cassettes and cartridges. The tapes or cassettes are placed in the drawer compartment and rotated within the 7000 Gauss field ensuring uniform & complete erasure.

  • LTO & DLT Tape Degausser
  • Fast, manual operation
  • Less than 12 seconds for complete erasure
The V660 HDD Evo is a high energy, bulk eraser especially designed to tackle the erasing of hard drives. The V660 can erase HDD quickly with a 5 second erase cycle with remote operation from up to 15 meters is the safest hard drive degauss

V91HD/DLT Hard Drive & Tape Degausser Fixed magnet degausser, requires no power to operate hd-2 degausser
SD1-Mobile Hard Disk Drive and Tape Degausser
Price: US$6,998.00
Sale Price: US$3,699.00
HD-2 Hard Drive & Tape Degausser
Price: US$3,975.00
Sale Price: US$3,750.00
The VS91 MAX high energy, degausser especially designed for the complete erasure of todays high coercivity hard drives and tapes. Field strength of up to 7,000 gauss, the VS91MAX is capable of erasing hard disk drives with high density coercivity levels

High powered, solution for fast and secure removal of data from Magnetically Recorded Media. The manually powered system does not require any electrical power. The system utilizes an array of Permanent Rare Earth “Fixed Magnets" to securely dispose of the data. The compact HD-2 is ideal in office settings for erasing laptop, desktop, and network high coercivity (magnetic) drives up to 1.5 inches high, as well as the full range of tape cartridge media, with no adapters needed. It’s also very easy to use and only takes 60 seconds to eliminate data for good. New in 2016, the HD-2 enables you to take advantage of our optional SCAN- 2 scanner and software package to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.