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Disk Recycler NIST/DoD Scaleable SAS & SATA Hard Drive Wiper
The Hard Disk Drive Recycler
The Hard Disk Drive Recycler
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The Disk Recycler NIST/DoD Scaleable SAS & SATA Hard Drive Wiper

The Disk Recycler offers reliable implementations of industry wipe standards, custom processes, bad sector reallocation, system scalability, and detailed reports for achieving optimum production. Customized scripts are user created by intuitive menus and tools and customized reports pull from numerous operational data. The Disk Recycler units can link together as one large system or as multiple smaller systems. Eliminate paying per each wipe forever since after purchasing our equipment it is yours to use, unlimited.

The Recycler is a scriptable high-speed disk drive tester, wiper, repairer built for professional hard disk recycling applications. The product can be operated either via host software, or stand-alone via a script uploaded onto a USB flash stick. Absolutely new, innovative solution guarantees full disk recertification when the condition of the hard disks is not known. It comes equipped with full circuit protection that prevents taking damage from malfunctioning storage devices attached to the unit.

  • Custom scripts. Editor included;
  • Reports & logs. Printing supported;
  • DoD and NIST wiping methods;
  • Security Erase and linear pattern erase support;
  • S.M.A.R.T., Seek, Transfer Rate, surface scan testing;
  • Custom/Vendor Specific ATA command support;
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512;
  • HPA/DCO control;
  • Lock/Unlock commands (ATA Password set/remove);
  • Bad disk repair (sector remapping);
  • Fast internal database with CSV integration.
  • Stand-alone mode support (without host PC software).
What you will like the most:
  • Expandability to up to 800 drives;
  • Free software updates and support;
  • User friendly interface;
  • Easy to use editor with integrated help to compose your own custom scripts;
  • Individual control of all hard disk drives;
  • Professional testing, wiping and repairing;
  • High processing speed of 18 GB/min;
  • Reporting system;
  • Customizable to your needs;
  • Easy 2-click firmware update on all units;
  • Good price.

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